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Apatakaa provides reliable project management, high quality translations, transcriptions and interpretations within a reasonable turnaround time.


We specialize in offering Inuktitut translation services tailored for all sectors within Canada’s northern communities. Furthermore, we have expanded our offerings to include English, French, and James Bay Cree language services, ensuring comprehensive support for our clients. Through diligent collaboration with our team of freelance and in-house translators, we guarantee timely delivery of top-notch translations. Whether it’s official correspondence, social media posts, annual reports, website content, job postings, or governmental documents, we are dedicated to upholding excellence in every facet of our service delivery.


We offer a team of seasoned and professional Inuktitut interpreters, catering to diverse settings including corporate meetings, court and parole hearings, as well as lawyer/client preparation requirements and so much more. We understand the importance of reliable interpretation, and our services extend to accommodating your organization’s full-time interpretation needs. With a competitive salary scale and comprehensive benefits package, including travel, housing, and retirement contributions, we are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent to ensure top-notch interpretation services.

Video / Over-the-Phone Interpretation

We offer an on-demand service that provides communication between our clients and Inuit recipients by utilizing an interpreter by way of a computer, equipped with a webcam and an Internet connection. Video remote interpretation combines the benefits of face-to-face interpretation with the on-demand nature of over-the-phone interpretation. Qualified interpreters are available around the clock and can be connected with our clients within a reasonable delay. This consecutive interpretation service (where the interpreter listens to what is being said before converting it to the target language) allows individuals, professionals and organizations alike to collaborate and meet more effectively and respect our right to receive services in our own language. Should Video not be accessible, we also offer over-the-phone interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation

Apatakaa offers simultaneous interpretation when the natural flow of a meeting is required and not disturbed, which allows for a fairly smooth output for the listeners. Our professional interpreters offer our clients and their recipients a quality service they can rely on.

In-person Interpretation

In situations where it is imperative to have an interpreter present in-person, we offer a consecutive interpretation service to facilitate communication between individuals and our client. This type of service may include situations such as doctor-patient meetings or court and correctional services.

Project Management

Apatakaa Translations provides efficient project management for both sides of the transaction. For our clients, we ensure you always have the same point of contact for each and every project. This ensures continuity and allows you to focus your time on other important aspects of the project. For our freelance translators and interpreters, we acquire the projects directly for you and ensure you have only one point of contact for all your work. Best of all, we pay you upon approved project completion!


We provide high quality transcripts and reasonable turnaround times. Our transcribers have the ability to work from numerous audio and video file formats and all transcriptions are carefully reviewed and proofread. Transcripts, including the time codes, are delivered via email or by courier in the format of your choice.

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