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Apatakaa translations is an Inuit owned company which was created to help Inuit by providing a project management system for all translators and interpreters.


From my years of experience as a freelance translator, I experienced pride and enjoyment when fulfilling a need in our region, however it could be difficult to find steady work and receive payment in a timely fashion. I can remember not being paid for over a month as some government departments must follow their own policy, which simply doesn’t work! Under Apatakaa, whomever completes a project with us will be paid immediately upon approval. Plain and simple.

If you are an experienced translator or someone just beginning, please allow us to help you and register with us! We can help you with project management, finding you jobs and paying you efficiently.

If you are representing an organization or the public sector, we invite you to contact us for all your Inuktitut translation and interpretation needs within the Inuit regions of Canada. We are your one-stop access to the region’s finest workers and will be available when you need us.

Jeannie nayoumealuk


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